how to order a pattern from the webpage

place your "mouse pointer" on the card you prefer and wait two seconds.

Now appears a rectangle, in this rectangle you see for example: figure_01


(Do not click, if you click on te card it will be enlarged.)

  place the mouse   pointer on the card.


you may  order this pattern as 

figure 01 

This kind of selection works on all pages in Edge.Chrome, Firefox browsers, or look at the left corner below of the page)


Order as much patterns as you want.

You pay an amount of  0.70 per pattern.

We send you the patterns by e-mail.


You can pay through PayPal.  


See for more order examples, the page "how_to_order"

click here




Information set

If you already have our information set, it is possible that there are cards on the page "new" you don't have, because they are of a later date.

If you do like to order one of these patterns,

make the move as described above. 

Because of the continuously designing of new patterns,

you never have a complete overview on the information set.

The last designs you will find on our webpage "new"


A new updated order list is for free.

We have many foreigner costumers who are pleased

with our patterns (see countries)

agnes & nico