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You can order any pattern you want by sending a e-mail with the pattern numbers you like.

All our patterns are designed on an A4 paper with a prick pattern, an example of the pattern and a description in Dutch and English.

You pay 0,70 per pattern and shipping cost (see below)

For a explanation how to make a choice look on the web page "order example"

On the page "how to order"you can see the different ways of payment.

Or ask a calculation if you like to pay through PayPal.

Shipping cost for Europe and World:

1-3    patterns    2,66

4-13   patterns    3,99

14-45  patterns    6,65

46-.....   patterns    ask us

We can offer you a information set +/- 36 pages, consisting:

what is in the information set?

(click on the word and print out if you like)

on that letter you will find........
 Introduction letter.  Common information
 Embroidery on cards, method  Student information --- which materials you need --- method --- examples
 Index embroidery patterns - orderlist  An overview off all pattern numbers + difficulty number --- also orderlist.
 An example pattern  An example pattern, to try out.
 design drawings,  36 pages.  An overview of all our pattern designs on a 1/3 scale. Now more than 1000
below a picture of the information set.

click on information set the photo

There are two possibilities to get the information set at home.


1. Patterns + Information set


Send us your order by E-mail (at least 15 patternsand ask for the information set.

All together with your complete name and address.

Now you pay for the information set 6,- in stead of 10,50 .

15 patterns x 0,70+5= 15,50 excl. porto, see above.

To make a choice, look at the page "order example"

On the page "how to order" you will find the relevant information about payment.

Your order will be confirmed.


You can pay through PayPal

order now


2. Information set for 10,50 inclusive shipping cost


Order the information set by e-mail: Your order will be confirmed.

After you payed we will send you the information (+/- 43 pages) as soon as the payment has arrived

On the page "how to order" you will find the relevant information about all possible payments.

Pay through PayPal!

After you have send us a request we send you a PayPal invoce

Or use a International payment form (it is for free for all European countries who use the Euro currency) ask your bank.

We also need your e-mail address

Our address is: a & n  Heesakkers,  Zwartakkers 3,  5531 PB   Bladel,  Netherlands.

supplement pattern overview.

Supplement overviews are available with any order 0,10 per copy. Ask for new overviews when you order.


Consider to order more than a few patterns, for this is relatively cheaper.

When you place an order less than 15 patterns we charge 1,00 extra administration costs.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us.
price and condition change with reservation