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instructions for payment

If you are living outside European Union and want to pay with PayPal

3. pay with PayPal

If you like to pay with PayPal this is fast and cheap.

You can order the pattern numbers you prefer, in an e-mail.

Do not forget to mention the subject, for instance: figure 21, 44, 56 etc.

After receiving your order, we send you a confirmation with the total cost.

If you are agree you will get a PayPal invoice by e-mail.

You pay 0,70 per pattern + shipping cost + a small amount PayPal cost.

Shipping prices

1-3    patterns    2,00

4-13   patterns    3,00

14-45  patterns    5,00

46-93   patterns    9,00

94-   patterns    10,00


Consider to order more than a few patterns, for this is relatively cheaper.

When you place an order less than 15 patterns we charge 1 extra administration costs.